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Integrating Your Best Buy Marketplace [A VL OMNI Infographic]


Best Buy Marketplace

A VL OMNI Infographic

The Best Buy Marketplace (available to consumers in Canada, but open to international sellers) allows select sellers to offer their products under the trusted Best Buy brand banner. Unique in its configuration (the Best Buy retail locations are tightly integrated with the extended selection of online merchandise), BestBuy.ca is one of the few true omni-channel marketplaces that operate under a single name.

Best Buy Marketplace is one of best ecommerce marketplace for businesses looking to reach a large Canadian audience. Since its launch in 2015, BestBuy.ca has been adopted by businesses large and small at a rapid rate.

Managing the data that flows to and from BestBuy.ca, like with other marketplaces, is a complex and arduous process — especially when using manual processes such as data entry or uploading files. Integrating and automating this data, while a complex procedure best done by data integration experts, has incredible benefits and is strongly recommended by the marketplace itself. BestBuy.ca’s advanced features require the expert knowledge and services of data integration experts like VL. VL can help your business reach new levels of efficiency while maintaining the ability to scale with the Best Buy Marketplace and all your other channels and trading partners.

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Best Buy Marketplace

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