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[Infographic] What Is Integration And How Does It Work?


 Understanding what integration is and how it works can be a complicated and confusing endeavor, but we at VL stand behind the importance of continuously learning and improving for both ourselves and our valued readers! That being said, we also understand the value of creating valuable, easily-consumable knowledge that caters to a variety of learning styles, including logical and visual learners. As soon as we can figure out how to present information to appeal to our kinesthetic learners out there – we’re on it!

So, as promised in our last blog posts, “What Is Integration?” and “How Does Integration Work?“, we have summarized the key points of the central concepts key to understanding data integration for you in a handy, easy-to-understand infographic!


Breaking news, hot off the press!: Data Integration News tackles the big questions in its latest edition!


Download the Infographic Here

If you’re looking to broaden your understanding of data integration, we highly recommend you download, save, print, and pin this infographic to your wall!

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