VL infographic on how to the usa, uk and canada compare on ecommerce

[Infographic] UK, Canadian & American Ecommerce: How Do They Compare?



If you haven’t already heard the news, VL is going to be flying across the pond for the UK eCommerce Expo in London, England from Sept. 30-Oct. 1.


In doing our research before our trip, we at VL realized that there are some distinct similarities as well as differences when it comes to the UK, Canadian, and American ecommerce and online markets. But the raw statistics can be overwhelming. So we put together an infographic comparing some of the key statistics and numbers between the three countries together!


Scroll down to see the full infographic “UK, Canadian & USA Ecommerce: How do the UK, Canada & the USA compare?”

In this infographic you’ll see numbers for each country side-by-side, like:

  • How much time each country spends online
  • How big each ecommerce market is
  • How much individuals from each country spend per year, per transaction, and how often
  • And much more!

You can also download a free high-resolution PDF copy of the infographic!


 Download the Infographic as a PDF

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