Steve Deckert from interviewed by VL for 7 questions series with ecommerce and supply chain data integration

[Infographic] Steve Deckert of Sweet Tooth Talks Ecommerce




Steve Deckert of Sweet Tooth participated in our 7 Questions Series on Ecommerce & Supply Chain Data Integration, and gave some great insightful answers. 

Steve Deckert’s interview was truly insightful. His thoughts and opinions on Canadian ecommerce and ecommerce as a whole and as a part of his 7 Questions interview were so good that we at VL could not resist adding his interview to our series of 7 Questions infographics. In this infographic inspired directly by Steve’s interview, we have chosen to highlight just some of the great quotes and statistics Steve highlighted in his discussion.

Steve’s interview as well as our other contributors to VL’s 7 Question Series: Ecommerce & Supply Chain Data Integration will be featured in an upcoming and highly anticipated ebook. You can download your copy of VL’s ebook, “Ecommerce & Supply Chain Data Integration: A 7 Questions Series Ebook, Volume 1”, featuring Steve Deckert of Sweet Tooth and many more by clicking the image or the link below!


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