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[Infographic] Platform Usage Trends Worldwide and in Canada, USA, and the UK



Did you hear the great news? VL is going to be flying across the pond for the UK eCommerce Expo in London, England from Sept. 30-Oct. 1.


As part of our ongoing preparation for our trip across the Atlantic, VL has continued to take a deeper dive into the differences between the e-commerce markets in the UK, Canada, and the United States – three of the biggest market of consumers and participants in the emerging e-commerce economy, as we reviewed in our last infographic.

This new infographic, goes one step further as it compares the current popular and emerging trends in both on-premise and cloud platforms and applications, is important to us at VL and is great information for you, our reader. Why? Because the emerging e-commerce marketplace is a global marketplace, which is collapsing borders, time, and space.

Scroll down to see the full infographic “Platform Trends”!


This infographic looks at things from a B2B perspective in examining what platforms businesses are using here in Canada, across the border in the USA, and across the pond in the UK. Looking to break into any of these markets? This infographic is for you!

Looking to connect any of these platforms or applications together? VL can definitely help.


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