Jayne Reddyhoff of the ecommerce advisor interviewed by VL for 7 questions series of ecommerce and supply chain data integration

[Infographic] Jayne Reddyhoff of Zanzi Digital Talks Ecommerce




Jayne Reddyhoff of Zanzi Digital (formerly of The Ecommerce Adviser) participated in our 7 Questions Series on Ecommerce & Supply Chain Data Integration, and gave some fantastic answers. 

Jayne’s interview added extra depth and dimension to our 7 Questions Ecommerce Series in that she was our only participant from the UK – also known as a hotbed for e-commerce activity. Jayne’s pedigree and expertise as a business consultant specializing in digital marketing illuminated ecommerce in the UK from both a business and marketing perspective; two disciplines that overlap in more ways than a lot of people assume. As a result of Jayne’s illuminating and informative interview, we at VL have taken a quick snapshot of some of the best parts of her interview and have created an infographic!

Jayne’s interview as well as our other contributors to VL’s 7 Question Series: Ecommerce & Supply Chain Data Integration will be featured in an upcoming and highly anticipated ebookYou can download your copy of VL’s ebook, “Ecommerce & Supply Chain Data Integration: A 7 Questions Series Ebook, Volume 1”, featuring Janye Reddyhoff of Zanzi Digital and many more by clicking the image or the link below!


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