Case Study – VL Helps Move Their Business to the Next Level

How Data Integration Helped Move Their Business to the Next Level


 It happens in almost all companies that experience rapid growth: they hit a point where their growth catches up to them and if that company hasn’t planned out their future with strategy in mind, this growth often comes with a good helping of growing pains.

Even the most forward-thinking companies often struggle with growing pains, simply due to the fact that no matter how intensively you plan and strategize, the future is still near impossible to predict., an American online bidding-format retailer headquartered in Oklahoma City in the United States, experienced several years of rapid growth before finding that they needed to re-assess their EDI environment – one of VL’s many specialties. The standalone EDI translator and the custom coding they were using had been adequate up to a point, but as geared up to move an ever-expanding vendor base into active electronic trading relationships, it was clear they needed a scalable and flexible solution to move their business to the next level.

In our newest case study, VL, partnered with the Aurora EDI Alliance, breaks down the business case surrounding We examine their existing challenges, the solution VL and Aurora implemented for, and the results of the solution for to date.

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Did you notice that did intensive research into other solution providers and products before ultimately partnering with Aurora and VL?

Pulled directly from the pages of the case study:

“Other solutions promised similar capabilities but by comparison they struck as add-ons or afterthoughts bolted onto existing traditional EDI paradigms. When they had the opportunity to examine the Delta interface, it was hands down the most intuitive mapping interface they had ever seen.” 

Time and time again our customers experience this phenomena: they do their research and when it comes down to comparing solution options line-by-line, VL and our partners win out over the competition. You can see so for yourself by checking out VL’s other Case Studies, or reading our testimonials on our website.

And the results of the solution VL and Aurora implemented for From themselves:

“The team of highly skilled subject matter experts at Virtual Logistics and Aurora Technology has greatly helped as we worked to re-engineer four years’ worth of legacy processes in the space of four months – an all-out effort that paid rewards in efficiency, ease of development, and visibility.

We are now in a much better  place, and heading to even better. They’ve been an invaluable font of knowledge and assistance when we have encountered the occasional complexity that arises from any migration of this magnitude, and have been a personal pleasure to work with.”

And like for all of VL’s customers, we look forward to continue to bring outstanding customer service and results that help continue to expand and grow their business for many years to come!

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