VL infographic Gem M retail trends how millennials are changing the way business work

Gen M Influenced Retail Trends: How Millennials Are Changing The Way Business Works [Infographic]




It’s no secret that Gen M, formerly known as the ‘Millennials’, is changing the way the retail world works both online, in store, and everything in between. (Read more about this in our blog post recapping DTLQC 2015.)

But plenty of people don’t seem to be connecting the dots on the implications of Gen M’s buying habits: how they are forcing businesses to change how they operate.

So VL did some research, and we’ve compiled it into a single infographic.

Keep reading so see the full infographic how Gen M is influencing retail trends and changing how business works, and to download the high-resolution PDF version for free.


 Download the Infographic as a PDF

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