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Full BigCommerce data integration in real-time: VL OMNI Announces new BigCommerce connector


VL OMNI Releases a New Cloud-Hosted Data Integration Connector for BigCommerce; Now Available to Current and Prospective VL OMNI Customers

VL OMNI, an agile point to multi-channel integration platform for real-time accurate customer order data, shipment details, inventory, and prices, is announcing our new VL OMNI BigCommerce integration connector. The connector is immediately available to current customers and prospective customers of VL OMNI. This announcement is paired with updates to VL OMNI’s Vend POS and TradeGecko OMS integration connectors, both of which integrate fully for real-time data movement to and from VL’s BigCommerce connector.

VL OMNI and BigCommerce

True, 100% Data Integration in Real-Time for Complex BigCommerce Users

Part of VL’s growing list of 280+ connectors for both cloud applications and EDI, VL OMNI’s new BigCommerce connector automates the key data movements of orders, customer create, product create, and fulfillment update. As with all VL OMNI connectors, this new BigCommerce connector will include the ability to apply business-specific rules to data transformations for true, 100% data integration in real-time. Successfully tested with Vend POS, TradeGecko OMS, Shopify Plus, and BigCommerce webhooks to TradeGecko OMS, the BigCommerce connector is now available to complex and/or scaling businesses in need of automating and integrating their BigCommerce data in the cloud.

BigCommerce, a leading ecommerce platform for fast-growing businesses with over 100,000 stores powered in 2016, allows ecommerce and omni-channel retail businesses access to a powerful selling platform with a robust set of features and customization options. The most recent addition to the constantly growing ecosystem of application and EDI integrations created and made available by VL over some 23+ years in the data movement industry, VL is excited to offer customers of VL OMNI the new BigCommerce connector, meeting the needs and growing demands of ecommerce, EDI, and omni-channel retailers.

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