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Fendrihan – Ecommerce As It Should Be



We at VL have, in numerous blog posts, talked about the importance of knowing your brand DNA: what your customer experience represents and how technology helps deliver that brand experience. You can read the one of the blog articles here, and you can watch a presentation delivered in London, England at the UK Ecommerce Expo in 2015 on the subject.

We here at VL believe that this brand DNA is the foundation of a solid e-commerce business. And in that vein, we bring you a case study of a truly exceptional customer experience I had recently with Fendrihana men’s lifestyle online store based out of Oakville, Ontario. Read on!


Unfortunately, most e-commerce experiences today still leave a lot to be desired. Given that it’s a trust experience to buy online from someone you don’t know, we are always amazed how much lip service is paid to this particularly important issue. But every once in a while you come across a company that just blows it out of the park; this article is about Fendrihan, a company that does just that.

Located in Oakville, Ontario, Canada in a nondescript industrial unit, Fendrihan bill themselves as Canada’s Online Shop for the man of distinction. Their goal is “is to provide our customers with the perfect shopping experience, so that they can achieve the perfect shaving experience.”

Wow, I thought. That’s a tall order.

But let’s back the story up to the very beginning.

Being in the market for some shaving cream and disgruntled that my usual brand had changed their formula and fragrance, I started searching the internet for a replacement source and product. After a number of searches and look-sees at a number of sites, I found Fendrihan.

What stood out immediately was their low-key sophisticated style. Most sites I looked at jumped out at you with a dazzling array of colours and statements. Hey, I’m just looking for shaving cream, not dragging myself into the shave cave. I’m not a hipster, shaving is not refined. I just want a site that doesn’t look 1990’s-ish and that is easy to navigate. My additional personal criteria was also that the online seller had to be in Canada because our dollar compared to the green back is pretty terrible right now.

What first appealed to me with Fendrihan was the cleanliness of their site and the assortment of products they stocked: some I had never heard of, some I had. So I took the plunge and ordered some shaving cream, some soap, and a travel size tube of shaving cream. Travel sizes of decent shaving cream are remarkably difficult to find today for some reason.

To my amazement, the entire experience was second to none.

My order was placed at 19:52 PM on Tuesday, January 19th. Everything looked good from where I was sitting as the customer: products were in stock, and the order was complete.

What astounded me was that at 20:39 PM I received a shipment confirmation. What!!!! 47 minutes after I placed my order, I received the shipment confirmation with a Canada Post tracking number. Wow. I was blown away.

My order was delivered on Thursday January 21st before noon.

Now that is service.

The shipment arrived in a small, sturdy box. But the surprise that greeted me upon opening the box exemplified Fendrihan’s claim of the “perfect shopping experience”. After cutting open the box and removing the top layer of paper, I was greeted with the following picture. Each item was individually wrapped. Care had clearly been taken to ensure I had an experience unpacking my order and each individual item. Well done!

F3_edit.pngThe unboxing.

The final touch that really made me feel like these guys get it was the packing slip. Not only were the items listed, but there was also an image of each item I had ordered. That was a nice touch.

F2_edit.pngThe exceptional packing slip.

The conclusion of this story?

I will absolutely shop with Fendrihan again.

Technology is Part of the Experience

What clearly makes Fendrihan fulfill the promise of a “perfect shopping experience” is not only the thoughtful touches, but also the technology they use.

Their web store is built using the Shopify platform. The shipping plugins they use are for Canada Post and UPS so the store data is integrated and there is no manual rekeying of addresses. Whether the entire technology suite is integrated to their accounting/ERP is difficult to tell from our vantage point. We also couldn’t tell how scalable their various cloud pieces actually were. Finally, what also makes them stand out against other potential competitors is stunning the quality of the photography; it’s first class.

Fendrihan has VL’s stamp of approval for outstanding integration, technology, and therefore customer experience. They’re definitely work checking out!

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