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Empower Your Growth – A VL OMNI Ebook


Based off of VL’s Shopify 10 City Tour Meetup Presentation, this ebook version breaks down the basics of data integration. In order to empower your business’ growth, it is integral that your business understands these basics — like APIs, and webhooks, and more — and their role in creating an integrated technology ecosystem. The complex, technical nature of data integration means that there are also plenty of presumptive myths out there to be aware of, which we also address in this ebook.

Ultimately, coming to the table prepared to find the right data integration for your company means gathering knowledge from reputable sources to become your business’s own advocate in empowering your business and accelerate growth. 

Download the high-res ebook below: 




Watch the video of our presentation on the same topic as a part of the Shopify Plus 10 City Tour

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