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EDI Integration: What you may have missed: April in Review



Where did April go ? This month we slowed down on our blogging as we reassessed the impact of blogging for blogging’s sake. Its all very fine to produce scads of content but if no one reads it who cares. Right ? So going forward we are going to try something totally new for VL. Something that builds on the types of questions we get from customers and prospective customers alike. We think of it as curated content. So starting later in May or early June we will begin releasing blog articles which will be five to seven question interviews with subject matter experts. We at VL would like to think we know what we are talking about but sometimes its important to hear from outside experts as well. So stay tuned. Each Q&A session will form part of a micro series of articles that will be subject matter specific.

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From the VL Blog and around the VL world

So to recap our April blog articles. Guest blogger Francois Dorval from C3 Solutions wrote about connecting the dots in data integration and how important it is to plan. Francois should be back shortly for the second installment and the conclusion to part one. You can read his article here.

We also recapped the month of March in a blog article here.

April was again another month of trade shows. During the week of April 22-25th we exhibited at ICON14 in Phoenix Arizona. ICON14 was the annual gathering of Infusionsoft users and this years event was no spoiler. VL was joined at the show by three partners; Alex and Phil Synder from Propack, Michael Stevens from Integrated Fulfillment a Nathan Camp from Liaison. We also met up with Shandra Locken, from the Aurora EDI Alliance, who is based in Phoenix. Last but not least, Ian Thompson from LYTG, a VL customer, was also in attendance. We had a blast!

ICON14 Phoenix

Clate Mask, Robin Smith, Ian Thompson

Clate Mask, CEO and founder of Infusionsoft came by for a chat on how VL’s integration solutions are helping the higher end Infusionsoft customer deal with Omnichannel integration challenges.

Finally, the highlight of the event for me was hearing Simon Sinek speak about team building. Simon is a TCK (Third Culture Kid) and a Cultural Anthropologist by training. Some of you may know Simon from his TED talk. You can watch his TED talk below.

In May we are taking a break from trade shows to get ready for IRCE. In June we are attending IRCE in Chicago, the world’s largest e-commerce show. We have exhibited at IRCE for the past three years and every year its bigger and ever more amazing. The show is the pulse of omnichannel retailing. This year we are being joined at IRCE by our friends at Bluelink ERP, MapsBI and our customer Maple Logistics.

From Around the Web

In April we collected up some really great content that we wanted share with you.

Arthur Cole, published an interesting article in IT Business Edge on Cloud Oriented Solutions and the impact the cloud is having on the enterprise. The cloud is here to stay. Cloud applications are not a fad.

Gigaom Research in a great article titled More Cloud and More Outsourcing discussed the increasing complexity of cloud integration and the need to reach out to experts rather than solely relying on in-house resources. I quote “Connecting those solutions is the larger challenge. A combination of in-house and external approaches will be applied to make the pieces fit together. Buyers looking to an outsourcer for help would do well to look for the market leaders within their vertical sector–with whom they are almost assuredly working already–and perhaps update their contract terms for higher-level accountability that also incorporates the new business and IT metrics that are becoming feasible.” I found the article interesting as it spoke to the need for subject matter experts, something that is often beyond the scope of in-house resources who are often generalists at best.

Finally, in the online version of Wired, Keith Axlione published a great article on APIs. Titled The Universe is Programmable. We need an API for Everything  Keith speaks to the profound importance APIs are playing in the data economy. Although I don’t think the bibical metaphors make sense, I do agree that APIs release data and data is the foundation of the new economy. To that end VL did two webinars in April for the Liaison partner community. The webinars are currently being packaged up so that we can make them available outside the partner community. Stay tuned.

While you wait for those, you can read one of blog articles from earlier this year on APIs.

APIs are the EDI of the 21st Century.

So send us your thoughts, ideas, and inspirations. We always like to share things in our wider community.