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The holiday season is in full swing and it is the busiest time of year in e-commerce. With Christmas Day just a few days away how to get gifts from place to place is a big concern for both internet retailers and their customers sending gifts to loved ones.

Integration can help make sure that those thoughtful gifts get to the right person on time for them to be under the tree on Christmas morning thanks to Virtual Logistics and Canada Post.  Since August, Virtual Logistics has been Canada Post Connected. This means that VL’s hosted and on-premise e-commerce integration solutions and services and more specifically our integration to Canada Post allows internet retailers to;

  • Track packages
  • Print labels for contract shipping
  • Print labels for non- contract shipping

All with the confidence that your data will be processed correctly and in a timely manner.

The integration between Virtual Logistics and Canada Post came out of a meeting at Dx3 Canada in 2013. Dx3 Canada brings together digital marketing, digital advertising and digital retailing. When asked about the formation of the partnership and working with Canada Post to provide shipping system integration Robin H. Smith, GM of Sales and Marketing at Virtual Logistics said “the fact that Canada Post has created a Canadian E-commerce ecosystem is amazing. They are showing leadership in bring together disparate companies that can provide complementary services and solutions to solve the e-commerce needs of Canadian businesses. We are really excited to be part of this Canadian initiative.”

Along with Robin, Phaneendra Rao, Manager e-commerce Partnership Development at Canada Post feels that “these pre-built integrations of Canada Post suite of Webservices will allow Canadian retailers to provide more flexible rating, shipping, tracking and returns options to the online shopper. This is a win-win for everyone including Merchants and Shoppers. I look forward to working closely with Virtual Logistics to engage merchants that can benefit from these solutions.”

To find out more about how Virtual Logistics’ Canada Post Connected shipping system integration works take a look at the connector page on our website.