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Ecommerce Data Integration: What you may have missed in August and September


This What You May Have Missed article covers two months of blogging, August and September. September was a whirl wind and time just ran out to provide a proper recap of August so we decided to combine two months into one. So lots of good stuff, some awesome pics and interesting insights from around the web.

From The Blogging World

August was a big blogging month. We published four articles. The first was a recap of July. You can read the article here. In our seven questions series we published another interview in the logistics series. Petri Helo, Professor at the University of Vaasa in Finland provided his insights into our questions. You can read Petri’s answers here.

August also saw the launch of the first seven questions series for e-commerce. This series will complement the logistics series and provide a different perspective on integration. Steve Deckert of Sweet Tooth, a Canadian Loyalty Management platform provided his insights into our e-commerce integration questions. You can read his answers to our seven e-commerce questions here. Our final blog article of August was a piece titled 5 Lies your IT people told you about integration. The article was a tongue in cheek look at the push back we often get from IT departments when we discuss integration middleware and integration strategies. You can read the article here.

September on the blogging front was a little quieter. We published two more articles in our seven questions series on logistics with articles by Peter Brereton CEO of TECSYS Inc. who provided some excellent insights into omni channel integration. You can read the article here. Arthur Barrett, President of Barrett Distribution Centers provided his feedback to our seven questions. You can read his answers here. Finally, we also published an article for application vendors on the pitfalls of DIY integration. This was a follow on article to the one published in August on the 5 Lies IT people tell. You can read the article here.

So both August and September were productive blogging months. We always love feedback and ideas for out blog so if you have any topics you would like us to explore do let us know.

From The VL World

August was a slow month from a trade show and travel perspective. In early September, Scott Beaver and myself traveled to beautiful Santa Barbara, California for Converge 2014, Liaison’s Partnership conference. This year’s event was the first since 2011 when the last North American Converge was held in Atlanta. This year’s event was well attended with many old partners coming out, and a great group of new partners that have joined the Liaison fold in the last year. Nathan Camp, Channel Manager with the help of the Santa Barbara crew put on a great show. Pat Hughes of Hughes System Group offered up the Hanger, the most amazing man cave in the world for the event. The pictures tell the story.


The entire Converge 2014 group.


Vice President of Channel Megan Pulliam and Channel Manager Nathan Camp.


Scott Beaver and Fabrice Ortiz, Liaison partner from France discussing the finer points of data integration before visiting the Santa Barbara Winery.

On September 23rd in Toronto, VL attended the Canada Post E-commerce Awards Gala. In their reinvention process Canada Post have focused on e-commerce as a key strategy. The Gala was an amazing event. VL was joined by Mark Canes and Darren Myher of Bluelink ERP, Mike Branch and Bob Bradley of Maps BI, and Mark Artega of Redbit. We were all very impressed with the investments being made by Canada Post in their e-commerce parcel handling facilities and their development of a Canadian ecommerce ecosystem.


Canada Post CEO Deepak Chopra opening the Gala.

CPAwards2014 VL

The VL table. VL is proud to be partnered with Canada Post.

VL Canada Post Ecommerce Awards

Scott Beaver and Robin Smith being recognized as Canada Post Partners. Yes we do dress up nicely !

From Around the Web

There were lots of good articles and books published in August and September around the web. The ones that we felt were particularly important were the following.

Peter Kriss writing in the Harvard Business Review in an article titled The Value of Customer Experience, Quantified speaks to the importance of data integration. He sums things up by stating and I quote,  “Connect the right data, and not only is it possible to quantify the impact of the difference between delivering a great experience and delivering a poor one — but it will demonstrate to everyone in your organization just how big that impact can be.” He has some interesting insights. You can read the article here.

We were particularly pleased to see an article in Tech Vibes discussing a recent Accenture report titled Big Success from Big Data. The Accenture report discusses how companies are generating new sources of revenue from big data. The most interesting finding to us was that 35% of respondents see integration as a challenge to the success of their big data initiatives. This may be a reflection of internal systems but it may also reflect lack of strategy and talent within the organization. You can download the report here.

Kenneth Cukier the Data Editor at the Economist gave a brilliant TED talk on the the power of data to change society. I was particularly pleased to hear his discussion on some of the implications of data-driven design. Kenneth is also co-author of a 2013 book titled Big Data: A Revolution That Will Transform How We Live, Work, and Think, which has just been added to my ever growing reading list! You can watch the TED talk below. I would be very interested in hearing people’s feedback on the talk.

For those who are interested in social media data. Christian Rudder the Co-founder of online dating site OKCupid just published a book titled Dataclysm. I have not yet read it but the topic of social media data aggregation has always interested me. Anyone of our readers who has read the book, I would be interested in hearing your feedback.

Finally, we found two interesting articles that present rather contrarian views to those put forth by many blogs. Jeff Ashcroft, who coined and developed the matrix commerce concept, published a blog article titled Expect MORE from your Third Party Logistics Provider ! Jeff, says logistics providers need to get with the tour and provide MORE and I quote him “MORE specifically, as highlighted above (sic) graphically, the expectation will be for 3PL operations which are Multi-Client, Omni-Channel, Regional networks with Environmental stewardship”. You can read his article here. The second article is from Internet Retailer and tells the story of Wusthof the German cutlery firm who parted ways with Amazon. Protecting their pricing and brand were worth more that the sales volumes Amazon provided them. You can read the article here.

So as we end this recap we are always looking for feedback and comments. Send us yours.

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