Thought Leadership Guide about logistics and supply chain data integration and its importance. A must read for those in the movement of goods and services

[Ebook] Logistics & Supply Chain Data Integration: A 7 Questions Series Ebook, Volume 1





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After much anticipation, VL’s first ebook based on our highly read 7 Questions Logistics & Supply Chain Data Integration blog series is now available for download!

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Inspired by our ongoing 7 Questions Series featuring thought leaders in the ecommerce industry, the Logistics & Supply Chain Data Integration: A 7 Questions Series Ebook, Volume 1 ebook is filled with illuminating experiences, testimony, and insights. This ebook is introduced by Warren Whitlock, Influencer & Growth Advocate. Chapter summaries and VL’s conclusions have been added to each chapter so this ebook is a must-have, must-read for anyone interested in, involved directly in, or curious about logistics and supply chain data integration.

Featured Thought Leaders in this ebook:

With a special forward by Warren Whitlock, Influencer & Growth Advocate

Logistics 7 Questions Series
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