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[Ebook] EDI, XML & Data Integration: 7 More Important Articles For SMBs Considering Integration


Following up on our last blog post where we re-launched one of our most popular ebooks, today we are proud to be re-launching part two: “EDI, XML & Data Integration: 7 More Important Articles For SMBs Considering Integration”!

This ebook has been significantly updated from it’s original version, entitled “EDI, XML & Data Integration: More Thoughts for SMB/SMEs”. We’ve added new editorial articles including two guest-written pieces, and have updated all information to reflect current industry trends. If you enjoyed the old ebook, definitely check out this new version!

In this ebook, you’ll learn more about:

  • Why data should be important to your business, how to think and strategize around your business’ data, and how integration is an integral component to any effective data management strategy,
  • How to think of your business’ organizational structure in light of new trends,
  • How to improve your business’ overall performance via data integration,
  • and much more!

Click the image or the button below to download your free copy of “EDI, XML & Data Integration: 7 More Articles for SMBs Considering Integration”:


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Did you know that if you download and save the ebook as a digital file, you’ll have access to all the great links to more content embedded in the book? Check it out!

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