A Thought Leadership Guide to EDI for SMBs (A VL OMNI Ebook)

[Ebook] EDI: A Thought Leadership Ebook for SMBs


EDI is an interesting animal.

The granddaddy of cloud data integration, EDI has been pronounced ‘dead’ so many times over the last decade (or more) that businesses new to the EDI space sometimes feel like they’re stepping into a time machine. For businesses who already do EDI, your existing EDI solution might actually be a relic. In both circumstances, businesses are left to navigate a complex and confusing EDI world.

So, in order to help businesses new to or revamping their existing EDI solutions, VL has revamped our popular EDI ebook. Keep reading to download your copy, and to learn more about what you’ll find beyond the cover!

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This ebook covers everything an SMB should know when either adopting EDI for the first time or upgrading an existing EDI solution. Across 12 chapters, you’ll learn everything from:

  • EDI basics: what you should know
  • Before EDI: Data cleanliness, compliance testing, common pitfalls to watch out for, and more
  • How to pick the best EDI solution for your business’ needs
  • EDI system selection: why it should do more than just EDI
  • EDI Integration: common mistakes
  • And much more!

Click here to download your free copy of A Thought Leadership Guide to EDI.

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