ebook a case study on two amazing business on data integration and back end technology

[Ebook] A Look Inside Two Amazing Businesses



A_Look_Inside_Two_Amazing_Businesses_Cover.pngIt’s not every day you get to peek into the back-end of another business.

From VL’s 22+ years of data integration experience comes our latest ebook, A Look Inside Two Amazing Businesses: A Case Study Ebook on Data Integration, Back-End Technology Selection, and Customer Experience. 

At only 16 pages, this ebook looks at two sides of the same coin when it comes to data integration in two exemplary case studies. The first case study is a hybrid example of omni-channel evolution, based on a synthesis of many common problems VL’s customers come to us with. The second case study shows how proper data integration and back-end technology selection can create success: we take a look at Sephora from a place of integration expertise.

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Have you ever wondered what the business beside you or the big brand down the street is doing when it comes to selecting their technology stack and hooking everything together via data integration?

Who wouldn’t?

In this great ebook, VL presents two case studies that exemplify two sides of the same coin when it comes to technology stack selection and data integration methodology: one of which hits multiple road bumps, and the other of which has grown into a mature company with a world-wide following. VL then breaks each case study down with a thorough analysis so that you and your business can learn how to make the most of your growth!

This ebook is not to be missed!

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