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DX3 Canada 2016: Recap



Another Year,
Another Dx3 Gone By



Looks familiar? VL was lucky enough to have the same spot – booth 506 – as last year! Here’s Emmett Graham hard at work before the doors open for Dx3 2016.

Dx3 2016 was, in many ways, the same show as last year and a totally new show altogether. The crowd that rolled through the doors and up the escalators looked to be about the same size as last year, and the exhibition floor was in the same spot as last year (including VL’s booth, 506), but the changes we noticed from 2015 to 2016 mirrored the changes we’ve seen in the Canadian ecommerce industry  – Canada is finally arriving on the ecommerce and digital scene.

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Dx3 2016 was once again the venue for all things Canadian & digital

It’s no secret that Dx3 has become the place for cutting edge tech and the minds behind it to come and rub elbows with each other. 2016 was no exception, with seemingly unlimited choices in terms of talks, exhibitors, and interactive exhibits. The crowd spoke with their feet – to us, Dx3 2016 was just as busy (if not busier) than speakers at Dx3 are consistently excellent in their presentations and thought leadership, the crowd this year was on point in terms of their goals for being at the show, the questions they asked, and how they asked them. Our friends over at

Both Blue Link ERP and VL took to the GALE Stage this year at Dx3

Where in other years there were talks at Dx3, Dx3 2016 made thought leadership and intelligence sharing absolutely central to the Dx3 experience. With four stages on the exhibition floor and additional rooms scattered throughout the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, it was impossible not to be lured in by any number of industry experts taking any one of the stages.

Both VL and Blue Link ERP were honoured to have been asked by the Dx3 crew to take to the GALE Stage to share their knowledge.

Darren Myher, VP Operations & CTO at Blue Link ERP gave an inspiring and thought-provoking talk called “your ecommerce is selling, but can you deliver?” This is a question that obviously resonated with more than one person in the crowd, and the discussions that followed at VL’s booth after Darren’s talk were inspiring.

Robin Smith, Co-Founder and GM of Marketing & Sales at Virtual Logistics Inc. also gave a rousing talk centered around the theme of “How Millennials are revolutionizing omni-channel retail: what you need to know”. Again, the thirst for knowledge was there from the crowd – this session was well attended. It’s always a favourite moment of mine talking to conference attendees one-on-one and showing them the direct connection between the quality of your business’ data integration, and the kind of customer experience your business is able to provide. And that’s what this talk was all about!

We will be posting a video recording of Robin Smith’s talk on our blog shortly. Stay tuned!

The name of the game is Diversity

Overwhelmingly, the theme of this year’s Dx3 was diversity (even if the official theme this year was BE INFORMED. BE INSPIRED. BE READY.).


The variety of businesses that attended, exhibited, and spoke at Dx3 2016 was incredible. Sure, there were your regulars like VL, Shopify, Canada Post, and The Retail Collective by MasterCard, there were a ton of new faces. From startups to established businesses, from solo-preneurs that started a few years ago to 60 year old companies overflowing with legacy. Everywhere you turned, there were great conversations and knowledge sharing to be had. And we at VL have to say thank you to Dx3, because we learned just as much as we shared our own knowledge.

Until Next Year!

Didn’t catch VL at DX3 this year? VL will be at IRX 2016 in Birmingham, UK in April!


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