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DX3 Canada 2015: Recap


 Another year at DX3 has come and gone! Last week (March 11-12), Virtual Logistics attended DX3 for the third year in a row, and just like our past years’ attendance, we had a great time!


There was lots to see and do, and the crowd this year was full of interesting industry experts. We’re happy to report that the turnout this year was fantastic! Each year DX3 seems to get better, from the caliber of exhibitors on the show floor, to the speakers, to the awesome swag!

So keep reading below for VL’s full report of DX3 2015!

While there was a ton to see and do during DX3 2015, here’s our list of the top successes VL had the opportunity to experience this year in no particular order.

The Venue

You can’t argue with the centrality of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. For the third year in a row, DX3 was in the epitome of sophisticated trade show centres in the heart of downtown Toronto. DX3 did a fantastic job of putting on this event. VL had the supreme luck of being located in almost the exact same spot as last year: booth 506, directly across from the Yahoo!’s GIF booth! And speaking of our booth…

VL’s Booth

DX3 was our official unveiling of VL’s brand-new booth design! From all the attendees that wandered over to come talk to us, or even just to take a closer look at our display, we think it was a roaring success.


But what’s a booth without the great looking people who made it run?


#Selfie with a selfie stick the IBM booth was giving away. From left to right:
Robin Smith, John Smith, Jessica Thiele, and Dave Truman. For more pictures
of the event, visit our Pinterest page.

Other Exhibitor’s Booths and Interactive Elements

One of the great draws of DX3 is the ability to walk the floor and peek into the future of all things digital. It was interesting to see how far the understanding has grown around the terms “big data” and “omni-channel”. Not only are people understanding the importance of data integration services over plug-and-play ‘solutions’, but much cutting-edge research is done on the problem of bridging traditional retail into the future.

One great booth was the changeRoom, located in the Retail Collective section of the floor. Their whole premise, being able to view items online, reserve them and then book yourself a change room in the physical store is fantastic on its own – but they take it one step further in integrating with the physical retail space. With potentially interactive change rooms, you will be able to select your items for purchase and checkout from the change rooms themselves. (No more waiting in line!) ChangeRoom also hopes to launch a wrist band-like I.D. that will notify customer service representatives of who you are, your history with the store, your online habits, and much more. Welcome to the much-anticipated future of truly omni-channel customer service in retail – we can’t wait!

Another peek into the future of digital was The Creative Brain booth by Brainsights, a cutting-edge technology that can monitor the emotions of customers via a headband. While the broader application for this technology is still in the works, it was a fantastic experience for those of us who were able to sit down and experience the tech first hand!

Our friends and partners at Canada Post, and  Shopify, were also in attendance. Shopify was gifting out free credit card readers for their Shopify pay application, again to help bridge the gap between traditional retail and ecommerce. We at VL liked the trends we saw! Fully integrated omni-channel with great new technology is the future!

The Talks

VL’s very own Robin Smith gave a talk “How Integration Matters in the Omni-Channel World“, a talk that was very much on-theme for this year’s DX3. Attendance at his talk was great – thank you to everyone who attended! – and the conversations that followed Robin’s talk back at VL’s booth spoke volumes about where the digital community is now and where they are headed. From all our conversations at our booth, it’s clear to VL that the community has come of age in terms of realizing the value of data integration at a customized, service-oriented level.

Stay tuned to VL’s blog for our video of Robin’s talk – subscribe to our blog below or to the right!

There were many other great sessions – too many to attend! We look forward to hearing other recaps from other speakers at DX3 soon!

The Swag

DX3 was definitely not the show for you if you aren’t a fan of swag. Not only did VL give out tons of our t shirts and hockey sticks, we did a fair amount of collecting other booths’ swag as well!

But hands-down, the swag to get this year at DX3 was Canada Posts’ diffuser water bottles. The line up for the last of them on the second day of the show was almost out the door!

But By Far the Best Part of DX3 2015 was… The People!

VL would like to thank everyone who came by our booth to chat with us! From new faces to old friends, discussing the future of all things digital was the highlight of our time at DX3 2015.


Robin Smith (left) with Val Matison VLSMX member (right)

The types of industries that were present at DX3 were incredible; there was a representative from almost every industry imaginable walking the floor or showing in a booth. And yet the consensus was the same: data is only as useful as your managing techniques allow it to be, and customized integration solutions are entering the daily discourse of companies who are looking to make a big difference in the efficacy and efficiency of their day-to-day business.


Ultimately, DX3 2015 was a show about planning for the future of both B2B and B2C in the digital realms – which is quickly becoming the lion’s share of applications that are integral to how businesses operate. We were thrilled to see how much has changed around the discourse of integration services between DX3 2014 and DX3 2015. This to us says that commerce in North America and beyond is starting to take their data and integration partners seriously.

In the cut-throat world that is today’s economy, every parcel of data counts in the way that you manage it. One second wasted on manual data input or on a plug-and-play integration that isn’t the right fit is a second that could have been spent on business development elsewhere.

It is encouraging to see that Canada continues to be on the cutting edge in terms of thought leadership and the future of the global economy! We can’t wait to see what next year’s show brings.



Didn’t catch VL at DX3 this year? VL will be at STORE 2015 in June!

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