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Dx3 Canada 2014 – A Recap



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Tradeshow season has officially begun at VL. E-commerce, digital marketing and retail were the focus once again this year on March 5th and 6th as Dx3 Canada 2014 took over the Metro Toronto Convention Centre for two days of speakers, exhibits and some great food from Food Dudes.

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This was the second year that VL exhibited at Dx3 and this year was definately bigger than last year. Not only did we have a bigger booth but we were also joined at the show by our partners Maps BI which created a great opportunity to highlight our partnership and the benefits of BI and geo-spatcial analytics. Take a quick look at what Maps BI can do with e-commerce web store data by watching this video.

Along with exhibiting for the second year, VL also hosted the Toronto HubSpot User Group Meetup or Toronto HUG Meetup on day 2 of Dx3. This year we were lucky to have e-commerce inbound marketing consultant Steve Haase speak to a lucky group of HubSpotters about Inbound Marketing in a Digital World. His presentation was very informative and focused on seven activities that make inbound marketing successful.

  • Spend Less
  • Be Relevant
  • Move Fast
  • Mine the Data
  • Add Value
  • Personalize
  • Be human

Which of these do you think is the most important? We’d like to hear from you!

There were so many speakers to choose from this year that it was hard to decide what to attend. One of the really interesting sessions, that we attended, was 5 Things You Need to Know About: How Data is Transforming the Store of the Future. Presented by Sylvain Perrier, President & CEO of Mercatus Technologies. During his presentation Sylvain focused on 5 main areas.

  • Data
  • Personalization
  • Metrics
  • New Technologies
  • Create a Roadmap

These 5 elements are not only important to bricks and mortar retailers but also for e-tailers and online business owners. Under each of the 5 major topics, Sylvain identified a number of fantastic things that business owners should consider and look out for.

We were pleased that Sylvain highlighted the importance of integration.

Data integration is the foundation for success: Integrating customer information from all available sources, across all touchpoints, is critical for success. According to Forrester Research, 92% of companies surveyed believe having an integrated view of customer data is either “critical” or “very important,” yet only 2% have actually managed to achieve that goal.”

Finally, The day 2 Keynote by Duncan Fulton, SVP Communications & Corporate Affairs at Canadian Tire Corp. on The Case for Integration was excellent. You can listen to the audio of Duncan’s presentation here. 

Duncan highlighted the key points for succesful integration:

1. Identify the under lying business problem – in other words map out the integration issues.
2. Ask why about everything you do – it takes guts to question the staus quo.
3. Just because the rest of the market is doing it  – doesn’t mean its right. Watch out for group think.
4. No one is an expert in everything. If they say they are, show them the door.
5. Finally, ‘What is your supply chain strategy to deal with Digital Disruption?’

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One thing that resonated with us across all the speakers this year at Dx3 was the idea of fundamentals. Have the fundamentals in place with regards to your data, your systems and your content and it can lead to business success.

Start getting those fundamentals in place by downloading our E-commerce Integration Infographic. Just click on the link below.

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