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Dx3 2017: What to Expect Among Canada’s Leaders in Technology, Digital Marketing and Retail


It’s a DX3 time of year again!

VL has a long history with Dx3, starting long, long ago in a time called 2013. The Dx3 show itself has evolved significantly in the years between VL’s first appearance and the 2017 edition that opens its doors to the public once again this March 8th & 9th. Billed as “where Canadian business gets digital” when we first attended the show, Dx3 has expanded to include more corners of the ever-evolving digital space for business. Now positioned squarely on top of the three pillars of technology, digital marketing, and retail, Dx3 2017 holds a lot of promise for attendees looking for cutting-edge insight, trends, and takeaways across these three spaces (and more).

This year, VL is taking a different tactic, putting networking first as there are always great connections to be made at Dx3. We’ve loosened our ties to a square of real estate on the show floor, and will instead be free-floating throughout the venue.

Interested in networking with us?

You can send us an email to arrange a meeting time & place, or you can find us (and information on VL) at Booth 316 with our friends and partners, BlueLink ERP!


What to Expect at Dx3 2017

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After our years of experience both exhibiting at and attending Dx3, VL has some tips for new attendees and/or curious sideline watchers.

Take a look at the speakers, events, and more in advance — and come to Dx3 with a plan

The first piece of advice we can offer Dx3 novices is to have a good, long look at the Dx3 website and all the content available across the relatively short 2 days the event’s running. The show has changed a bit in terms of timing from previous years; previous years have seen slightly longer show hours. This year the opening keynotes for both days start at 8:30 AM sharp, and the show wraps up a bit earlier at 4:30 PM on March 8th, and 4 PM on March 9th.

Aside from this small scheduling detail, there is lots happening at Dx3 this year in terms of content and how it’s presented. Similar to previous years, Dx3 is offering a multi-track of simultaneously held conference talks given by thought leaders and industry experts from a wide array of backgrounds and experiences. Categories for this year include Applying Innovation, Fostering Creativity, Harnessing Data, and Optimizing Commerce. Attendees with a conference pass are encouraged to pick the best mix for their needs. But what’s new and improved for 2017 is the Show Floor Content. Attendees looking for live-action demos, cutting edge research and/or technology, or a simple divergence from the talks being held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre’s lower floor are encouraged to sit in on the various open-air talks being held on the exhibition floor.

At Dx3 2016, both BlueLink ERP and VL took to one of the open-air stages to share our specialized expertise with attendees

Our recommendation to attendees for Dx3 2017 is to plan out your content track in advance of the show, and to not neglect the open-air theatres which are often a great opportunity to speak directly with innovators and solution architects and ask the questions that matter most to your business.

The Dx3 Exhibition Floor is deceptively simple on paper

Take a look at the Floor Plan for the exhibition space for Dx3 2017. Looks simple, doesn’t it?

Take it from VL’s experience: the Dx3 show floor may look compact, but every meter is absolutely concentrated with the maximum amount of content and experts possible without breaking some serious firecodes. With a whopping 62 full-sized exhibitor booths and an additional 36 start-up mini-booths/tables located in the heart of the show floor, 2 days is barely enough to get through everything you have available to you.

So again, have a plan of attack for the show. VL’s general practice in approaching any tradeshow or conference is to go through the list of exhibitors, talks, and other content in advance of the show, and to dogear both must-see and would-be-nice-to-see elements. This way, you’re sure to maximize what you take away from the show — and you won’t be kicking yourself come Friday, March 10th if you missed something key you really should have made time for.

And if you’re in the market for a scalable, highly customizable ERP that has robust data integration ability, we suggest you bold and star BlueLink ERP‘s Booth 316. We promise you won’t be disappointed with the friendly expert advice the BlueLink ERP team provides at every turn! And if you’re looking for where to find VL this year, we’ll be hanging out with our friends and partner company BlueLink ERP in Booth 316, too! (So if you’re looking for a great ERP and how to integrate it into your business, Booth 316 is your ‘two birds, one stone’ moment!)

Also… make sure you pick up a show guide (map included) at the door or registration desks! It’ll come in handy in a pinch, and makes for a great way to add notes beside interesting talks, thought leaders, and exhibitors on-the-fly.

Explore the other exciting interactive elements at Dx3

Dx3 has never been a basic four-walls-and-some-speakers kind of show. The 2017 edition is no exception, and I for one am excited to see what this year’s Labs have in store for attendees. From the Interactive VR Lab that offers participants hands-on opportunities to experience cutting-edge tech to the Seamless Shopping Experience Lab that examines what an integrated retail experience could look like in the years (or months) to come, the Labs are arguably the most interesting part of Dx3 year over year. I’m excited to get hands-on with the latest and greatest in omnichannel commerce while picking the brains of industry experts, researchers, and leading solution providers — and if you’re going to Dx3, you should be too!

See you there!


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