VL presentation on generation m and better customer experience. Presentation given by Robin H Smith at The UK Ecommerce Expo

[Download the Presentation] Millennials & The Trends They Inspire: How To Build Your Business Around A Better Customer Experience


Last week at the 2016 UK Ecommerce Expo, Robin H. Smith took to the stage to give another well-received presentation.

VL at the UK Ecommerce Expo 2016 Robin H. Smith Speaking SessionThe audience couldn’t take notes fast enough! Download the presentation here.

This year, we decided to dig deeper into some of the Millennial-generated retail trends that are forcing businesses to adapt and be agile in unprecedented ways. After all, those who don’t or can’t adapt are quickly running into trouble or are being forced to shutter or severely downsize. Focusing on how customer experience is inherently formed in the quality of your data and how it flows within your organisation, the presentation covered:

  • What is customer experience? Is it visual aesthetic, functionality, or both that matter most to the Gen M consumer and those following in their footsteps?
  • Customer experience and Gen M: Who are they? Breaking down key statistics and demographic information to better understand who Gen M is and how they’re interacting with businesses.
  • Planning the customer experience: How to create strategies for your systems and data based on your business’ needs.
  • Customer experience and data strategy: Looking at data beyond the transaction, how that data can improve your customer experience through strategy, and what strategies work best for different businesses based on their size and complexity.
  • Customer experience and data integration: How your business can achieve a seamless customer experience through a data-first approach, including actionable insights you can use today.

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Designing a customer experience is complex.

Not many businesses approach the complex problem of customer experience design with strategy in hand, and if they do, it’s a problem that’s usually approached from the top down, starting with the look and feel of an interface. Robin H. Smith, Co-Founder and GM of Sales and Marketing at VL, took to the stage at the 2016 UK Ecommerce Expo to first tackle why this approach does not satisfy the needs of the Millennial shopper (and those who shop just like them).

The reality of good customer experience is that it starts at the most fundamental unit of your business’ understanding of your customers: athe data. How this data can flow (or not) throughout an organisation directly impacts how your customers experience your brand online, and no amount of UI lipstick will help a dysfunctional backend flow. (For a recent case study of how a lack of data integration affects real customer experiences, read this article on Walmart’s e-grocery customer experience.)

Millennials are the first generation to actively pull preceding generations into the trends they create through their likes, dislikes, and methods of interacting with both the real and digital worlds. Searching for truly authentic experiences with a highly tuned understanding of luxury versus commodity, business are suffering the highest attrition rate since the Great Depression as the average middle cannot deliver on meeting or exceeding Millennial expectation.

In this presentation, learn more about who Millennials are and what the trends they are generating means for your retail business. Actionable insight and strategy approaches that you can evaluate your business with today are included.

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