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Does your business do EDI? You should watch this video!


Did you know:

VL’s roots are in EDI?


Way back in 1994, VL — back when we were still known as Virtual Logistics Inc. — got our start in data integration and automated movement with EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). Since then, of course, we’ve expanded and grown with the market and the asks of our client base to include API-based on-premise and cloud application integration in a scalable and strategic manner. 

But unlike many other data integration companies and services out there, EDI is one of VL’s core competencies.

Although EDI itself hasn’t changed much over the years (and especially when compared to the advances in SaaS, cloud applications, and their APIs), it doesn’t mean we can’t update some of our content around our EDI services and solutions! While this video was originally created only a short while ago in 2011, it was time to give it an update. 

So without any further ado, we present:

VL OMNI EDI Desktop: An Updated Explainer Video

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