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Did you backup today? It’s mission critical!



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Did you back up today? I am not talking about backing your car out of the driveway or out of a parking spot. I am sure we will all do that at some point over the course of the day! I am actually talking about backing up critical business data; making a second copy just in case the original gets corrupted, trashed or worse yet ends up as a congealed mass of plastic after a fire.

I am going to bet that most of you have answered yes for sure but don’t really have a clear picture of whether you actually did. If you did you probably don’t know if the backup is actually good because you haven’t tested the backup.

All sound familiar?

Over the years we have had so many examples of situations where backups clients were supposed to be making didn’t exist or were totally unusable. I could fill a book with stories. Examples like the offsite backup was actually left in the back of the car and the tape baked, or the offsite backup didn’t leave the office and ended up in the garbage, or the tape was blank because the tape unit didn’t work. We are all so busy that the lowly backup tape or disk is often an after thought. The problem is that there is a huge cost to the organization of not having a good backup of mission critical data.

Ask yourselves one question. One simple question. How much would it cost my organization if my EDI, middleware platform or e-commerce system was down for more than 24 hours because it was being rebuilt?

I am going to bet that most of you will react by saying it would be a disaster. So today, its Friday end of the week, take the 10 minutes to check if your backup is working before you leave the office, that what is on the tape or disk is good and that you have an offsite copy. Not only will you save yourself a ton of aggravation, and sleep deprivation but you will also save yourselves a ton of $$$$.

So get backing up!

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