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Data Integration – What you May have Missed: January in Review



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It is hard to believe that January is already over! With all the cold weather we have had, yes VL was in the deep freeze too, and the recovery from the hectic holiday season it’s easy to miss things. With that in mind, starting this month Virtual Logistics is launching a new monthly blog series called “What You May Have Missed.” Featuring stories from Virtual Logistics own blog as well as integration and ecommerce news from around the web.

From the Blog

In January, Virtual Logistics launched a brand new blog series called ‘Charting Tuesday.’ The new bi-weekly series lets us share key trends and tips about industries that commonly use integration technology using visual content, including video, infographics and charts.

In January we looked at how integration could reduce the cost of the gifts featured in the holiday classic 12 Days of Christmas. You can take a look at the infographic here.

We also examined the idea of the logo, and how logo redesign and the evolution of EDI are more closely related than one may think. Find out how here.

From the Web

We all know that there is so much data and information on the internet and in January a lot of the interesting stories that we found had a lot to do with data.

First, Alexis Zamkow, General Manager Data & Targeting Solutions at Canada Post wrote about the importance of clean data and how data cleanliness can reduce the effects of the ‘virus of bad data’ and in turn reduce the costs of clean data not only on data assets but on businesses as a whole. You can read her post here via the Scala Network.

As Alexis pointed out, clean big data assets are important to any organization but what about non- big data assets? In an interesting article from TechCrunch, Suhail Doshi examines the idea of not only mining or examining your big data assets but your non-big data assets too, for insights that can, according to Doshi “fundamentally change the trajectory of your business.” Read his article here.

Bob Renner, CEO of Liaison Technologies published an article late last month about the importance of customization in the cloud in today’s business environment. As we have been saying at VL for years, customer requirements are becoming more and more complex. According to Renner, the solution to this complexity is variation and the increasingly popular Cloud Service Brokerage (CSB) model. Read more about the importance of customization in the cloud here.

This month we came across an article about 20,000 pregnant men who all have bad data to blame. In the article, Hollis Tibbetts highlights how manual data entry from one system to another, which occurred in this case, can result in major costs for businesses. In this case $50-$70 million in hospital visits and tests. Read Hollis Tibbetts article here.

Finally, in Forbes online Brand Voice, John Foley of Oracle highlighted 10 technology trends that will revolutionize retail in 2014. We especially liked two of them – Integration is everything, and Analytics bring science to the art of retail. VL is well positioned here to help. We are all about integration and our partnership with Maps BI gives our customers access to a sophisticated geospatial analytics platform.

Coming Up in February

This month we will be focusing on integration issues in E-commerce. Some of the key topics of discussion will be:

  • Integration for Internet Retailers
  • Key Integration Terminology
  • Shipping System Integration
  • The Importance of Clean Data & Just in Time Metrics

Want to find out more about the importance of clean data and how it can help you see your business more clearly.

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