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Data Integration: What you may have missed: February in Review



February seemed to fly by and not just because it is the shortest month of the year. Here in Ontario where VL is headquartered we celebrated Family Day with a long weekend and our US customers celebrated President’s Day. With all these celebrations going on the marketing team at VL put together some highlights of ecommerce and integration stories that we found interesting from our blog and around the web.

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From the VL Blog

This month we completed our podcast series on Business Intelligence and Analytics featuring Jeff Hunt from Shea Business Solutions. The third and final episode focused on the importance of clean data in business intelligence and reviewed the key elements that must be in place when getting started in BI which were the focus of the first two episodes of the series. Read about the series and listen to all the episodes here.

Also this month, we invited back our good friend, partner and guest blogger Nathan Camp of Liaison Technologies. Cyber Monday is a huge online shopping day worldwide and a bad Cyber Monday shopping experience can stay with you for months after; as we learned from Nathan. You can read all about Nathan’s experience here. Nathan’s experience was a true example of every aspect of e-commerce from scalability to integration to customer service. Something we believe all e-commerce business owners and online shoppers can learn from.

Finally, we spent February getting ready for Canada’s premiere digital conference for e-commerce retailers, marketers and technology companies, Dx3 Canada. VL is exhibiting for the second year in a row this year and is excited to be sharing a booth with our partners at Maps BI. Dx3 takes place on March 5 & 6 2014 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. We will be at booth 506 so make sure to come and say hello!

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 From Around the Web  

Ecommerce/Etail are quickly growing in both the US and Canada. And as we get settled into 2014 etailers have new trends to contend with and consider. According to retail insights there are 3 major trends that etailers should be thinking about in 2014. 1) Barriers to entry are weakening. 2) Competition is big and getting bigger. 3) There is a higher dependence on customer reviews. To read more about these three trends and how to prepare for them click here.

As we identified in our Charting Tuesday infographic this month shopping cart abandonment is steadily increasing. But, e-commerce retailers are taking a fun and innovative approach to try and win back their potential customers using marketing automation and email nurturing. Shopify put together a great blog post with some amazing examples of abandoned shopping cart emails as a guide to what makes a perfect abandoned shopping cart email. See the examples here.

The weather has not only taken a toll on people across North America but also on supply chains. According to an article on NBC News while there is no shortage of salt the salt supply that is used by transportation departments to salt roads has run out. The supply usually lasts until spring. Municipalities are now ordering salt mid-season causing slow delivery and interruptions in the supply chain. Read more about the salt supply chain issues here.

Also this month, Venture Beat released their annual listing of the top 10 marketing automation platforms. There are some great insights in the annual list including the fact that most companies who use marketing automation use more than one platform and that marketing automation has experienced massive growth with room to continue growing. You can read more about the top 10 platforms and the results here.

Lastly this month, we found an interesting Slideshare presentation from Shopatron that answers a very pressing question, is it possible to revive traditional retail in a shifting retail landscape? Shopatron believes it is with a little help from ship-from-store technology. According to Shopatron retailers can win with this new and exciting technology that could have many implications in the world of integration as well. You can view the Slideshare presentation here.

Marketing Automation Integration can help reduce shopping cart abandonment and we integrate to two of the top 10 marketing automation platforms, HubSpot and Infusionsoft. To find out more about Marketing Automation Integration click the button below.

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