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Charting Tuesday: Using Integration to improve Marketing Automation



In this week’s edition of Charting Tuesday we look at the marketing automation features that buyers consider to be the most important when choosing a platform. In the first section we will break down the top features and then we will look at how integration can improve the top 2 in must have features.

This week’s chart is brought to you by Marketing Charts and Software Advice. The chart lists 10 features that buyers are looking for when considering a marketing automation platform for their business. The 10 features include:

  • Lead Nurturing (80.7%)
  • Reporting/Analytics (69.8%)
  • Lead Scoring (64.3%)
  • Email Marketing (47%)
  • Drip Marketing (32%)
  • Inbound Marketing (26.4%)
  • Campaign Management (13.5%)
  • Social Media Management (5.8%)
  • Segmentation (2.9%)
  • Other (10.9)
Marketing Automation Requested Features

Marketing Automation Integration & Lead Nurturing

Similar to the case of shopping cart abandonment, e-commerce business owners and etailers can combine the power of their marketing automation software and their web store to create targeted lead nurturing campaigns. By integrating your chosen webstore platform (Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, Volusion. etc.) with your chosen marketing automation platform (HubSpot, Infusionsoft, iContact, MyBizMailer etc.) you can create lead nurturing email campaigns that target specific customers based on anything from geographic location, product purchased, dollar value spent or even if the customer purchased a combination of products. In order to make this a bit more clear, here is a quick example of how your web store data, once integrated can be used in nurturing campaigns.

1) Customer orders a combination of products, in this case a set of plates and glasses for their new kitchen, in your online store.

2) Since you are interested in nurturing customers who purchase a combination of plates and glasses a list and lead nurturing workflow have been set up to specifically target these customers. The workflow consists of targeted, personalized emails offering similar products, discounts or free shipping on a future order.

3) Once the customer has placed the order in step one, the customer information (name, address, email address) and the order information are pushed automatically up directly into your marketing automation software platform. Because the lead nurturing campaign was set up in advance the information puts the customer into the list and triggers the starting condition of the workflow. This customer will now receive targeted personalized emails based on their previous combination of purchases.

Marketing Automation Integration & Analytics 

Taking the web store and marketing automation integration one step further you can integrate your marketing automation platform with your analytics platform. For example, here at VL we have worked with our partners at Maps BI to produce an e-commerce dashboard pack with logistics, performance and operational dashboards that allow you to see your business from a 360 degree angle but taking the performance dashboard one step further you could also integrate your marketing automation platform to the Maps BI platform. By integrating web store and marketing automation platforms with a geo-spacial analytics platform, like the one offered by Maps BI, this allows you to not only see how the business is doing but where your website sources are coming from based on the data contained in your marketing automation platform. The integration is quite straight forward.

1) Using the Maps BI API and the API of your chosen marketing automation platform the data is pushed up from the marketing automation software into Maps BI. This allows you to see your customers, sources and even where you are spending your marketing dollars in real time.

These are just two of the ways that integration can improve the must have features of marketing automation platforms. To find out more about marketing automation integration and to put it in the context of a specific online business example read our customer case study on Listen To Your Gut and find out how marketing automation integration helped automate a successful online business.

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