Infographic on the 12 days of christmas 30 years of rising prices

Charting Tuesday: Cost of the 12 Days of Christmas



I was amazed to recently discover that 65% of the world’s population are visual learners. This large percentage got me thinking, what better way to share key trends and tips about integration and industries that commonly use integration technology than through charts and videos and infographics! Welcome to Virtual Logistics new bi-weekly feature: Charting Tuesday!

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In our first instalment we feature the “Cost of the 12 Days of Christmas” compiled by PNC who provide consumer and small business banking to customers in 19 states and the District of Columbia, as well as residential mortgage and corporate banking across the continental United States. It is interesting to see the rising costs of the gifts purchased in the song over the past 30 years- $200 dollars for a partridge in a pear tree?

Do you think integration could reduce some of these costs? I do. Some of the integration options that could help save these businesses some money and maybe reduce the cost of some of these items in the coming year include:

1) EDI Integration: Integrating EDI can not only reduce the cost of goods for consumers but also save businesses money. Integrating EDI allows businesses to lower administration costs, eliminate manual errors and mundane work, automate and accelerate core business functions within the supply chain, reduces paper consumption and improves cash flow position. By integrating and reducing these costs businesses can save as much as $56/cycle. Imagine what that could be saving the customer. Curious about what these savings look like?

2) Shipping System Integration: Have businesses integrated their shipping system? By integrating a shipping system either in the cloud or on premise businesses ensure that the packages are sent to the right person at the right time- reducing the cost of returns or re-shipping. Curious how it works?

3) Marketing Automation Integration: More than ever businesses are using marketing automation to reach their current and potential customers. If businesses integrate their stores with their marketing automation platform they can provide customers with discounts for initial as well as bulk purchases. In the case of the 12 Days of Christmas gifts imagine getting an email for a coupon for 25% off 12 Drummers Drumming. In 2013, that would save a consumer $713.70!  Curious how marketing automation integration works?

These are just three of the ways that integration could reduce costs for the gifts in this classic tune. Can you think of anymore?

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