[Case Study] Virtual Logistics and Aurora EDI Alliance Partner to Help QuiBids.com Move Their Business to the Next Level


Adding to VL’s already well established roster of case studies, we present our latest case study: QuiBids.com!

The QuiBids.com EDI revamp project was a joint venture between, the Aurora EDI Alliance, and Virtual Logistics Inc., with each partner filling a very particular niche in achieving the business goals laid out by QuiBids.com. Read on for more information and to download the case study!

QuiBids.com was facing a certain set of challenges after several years of rapid growth.

It became clear to them that they needed a scalable and flexible EDI and Data integration solution to be able to move their business to the next level. Some of the challenges QuiBids.com faced were:

  • Need for flexible mapping,
  • Need for event-driven processing and file handling,
  • Need for advanced process monitoring and notifications,
  • Need for map management, and
  • A need for comprehensive and integrated communications.

In QuiBids.com’s search for a solution, they quickly discovered that Liaison’s Delta & ECS Integration Suite showed a great deal of promise: it was hands-down the most intuitive mapping interface they had ever seen. The ability to comprehensively integrate a wide variety of trading relationships and internal process flows into a single solution through the platform was key.

Another key factor in QuiBids.com’s decision was Aurora EDI Alliance and Virtual Logistics Inc.’s longstanding pedigrees in the EDI and integration industry. Both VL and Aurora brought a wealth of experience and insight to the table, and their hands-on approach gave QuiBids.com both the objective information and the confidence to know they were choosing the right solution backed by the right partners.

QuiBids.com reports that the solution implemented has proven to be one that is powerful and comprehensive, with great room for their business to expand along with their growing vendor base. Ultimately their choice of partners in Aurora, and Virtual Logistics has allowed QuiBids.com to achieve their long-term objectives.

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