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[Case Study] Listen To Your Gut


Last week, VL relaunched two of our most popular ebooks, “EDI, XML & Data Integration: 13 Important Articles for SMBs Considering Integration” and it’s follow-up, “7 More Important Articles for SMBs Considering Integration“. In these books, you’ll have learned:

  • Why data is important to your business
  • How to think and strategize around your business’ data
  • How customized data integration service providers is an integral component to any effective data management strategy

And much more. In today’s article, we’re going to focus on the last point: how data integration can make a world’s worth of difference in your business in terms of cost savings, time savings, data management, and more.

And what better way to illustrate this than through a case study? Keep reading to learn more about Listen To Your Gut, and how they became a fan of VL and the customized integration solution we provided them.

About Listen To Your Gut:

Listen To Your Gut (LTYG) was created by Jini Patel Thompson after she was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. After healing herself (she has been 100% drug and surgery-free for over 20 years), she made her healing methods available to other people with ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s, diverticulitis and IBS through the Listen to Your Gut book and website.

She also started sharing her natural remedies, recipes and launched her own web shop (the LTYG Shoppe). Each of the products and herbal and natural remedies offered on are tried-and-tested by Jini Patel Thompson and her thousands of readers to ensure they are safe, excellent quality and likely to be well-tolerated by people with a sensitive digestive system.

Listen To Your Gut came on board with VL back in 2011, and they’ve happily been with us ever since! Download LTYG’s case study below by either clicking the thumbnail or link to learn more about:

  • LTYG’s business situation before partnering with VL,
  • The major hurdles LTYG was looking to overcome,
  • VL’s solution,
  • And more.

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Did you know that if you download and save the ebook as a digital file, you’ll have access to some great links on the integration connectors LTYG uses? Check it out!

While the case study shows the business-end of what VL can do for your company, the testimonial from Ian Thompson, Director at Listen To Your Gut on VL’s services gives a complete picture of the relationship VL seeks to build with each and every one of our customer partners:

LTYG’s Testimonial:

“We were desperately searching for some way to automate getting data into our fulfillment house… when VL came along, I sensed that these guys knew what we were looking to do because they were progressive in what they were offering. This automatic data exchange between different systems and components is a must. I don’t know what we would do without it; it enables us to keep driving forward. The VL team is absolutely wicked to work with.”
– Ian Thompson, Director at Listen To Your Gut


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