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“Application Agnostic”: What it means, and where you can find VL OMNI across the web


If you’ve ever had a chat with VL in person, over the phone, or at a trade show, it’s likely you’ve heard us say,

“VL is application agnostic”.

But that statement really deserves a bit of contextualization. While our VL OMNI Platform and the connections we set up for our customers (business rules applied to transformations and all) can work in theory with any application with an API, not all APIs are created equal. This means that even though a VL OMNI customer may want to integrate and automate data flows xy, and z, the API may not allow for this data to be moved in and out of the application in this way, creating a type of closed system.

So even though we could integrate to QuickBooks, for example, their API simply doesn’t allow for the actions and integrations growing multi-channel businesses are typically looking for. Applications with limited APIs and structured functionality (instead of the ability to tailor the application to your exact needs) are usually better served by plug-and-play integrations, which generally work with other large and highly consumed applications.

Where VL shines is in those applications with robust APIs — whether or not these applications themselves are or can be customized to suit a business’ exact need. And we thrive on complexity, bringing integration touch points as close as possible to near-real time flow and structuring all the integrations based around our customer’s goals, business rules, and more.

So, while VL is application agnostic in the sense that we can work with any application with a robust API that allows for the data movements requested (including the ability to build connectors to applications not in our Connector Library, and not including EDI), we’re finding more and more often that the businesses that need VL OMNI are usually attracted to the same suite of great applications time and time again.

And these application providers are more than happy to partner with VL, just as we’re happy to partner with them!

So where can you find VL and VL OMNI listed across the web on our partners’ websites?

Here’s a collection of a few, and we will be updating this article periodically — so bookmark this page, or visit our partner page for a complete list of VL Partners.

Shopify Plus VL OMNI Partner Banner

About Shopify Plus: Shopify Plus is an enterprise ecommerce platform and solution for high-volume and fast-growing merchants. Grow your business for a fraction of traditional enterprise costs with Shopify.

Why we work with them: It’s no secret that Shopify is on the path to owning the ecommerce platform sector — at least in North America as a start. Shopify Plus, the upper-SMB and Enterprise-level version of the core platform, comes with what can be succinctly summarizes as more. A flexible platform that can be customized to suit any business’ needs with great API capabilities, it’s no small wonder why Shopify Plus loves VL OMNI — and why we love them right back.

Chief Digital Advisors CDA VL OMNI Partner Banner

About Chief Digital Advisors (CDA): At CDA, we focus on building actionable strategies that maximize business impact and enhance capabilities for continued growth.

Why we work with them: It’s a complex world of applications, service providers, communications methods, and more out there for businesses. Where does strategy fit in? CDA helps businesses crawl-walk-run to their best possible selves by approaching omnichannel retail in with a strategy-first methodology. They’re experts in helping businesses put together the right applications in the right succession for maximum results. Believe it or not, plenty of businesses need a bit more strategic development before they jump to the big-guns data integration solutions like VL, and others have the right mix but are in need of an effective, scalable, strategic way to pull everything together. CDA and VL are like peanut butter and jam!

ShipperHQ VL OMNI Partner Banner

About ShipperHQ: ShipperHQ is the most sophisticated rate calculation and rules engine of its time, allowing ecommerce merchants to offer the best possible shipping rates and options at checkout. With support for Magento 1, Magento 2, BigCommerce, Zoey, Shopify, Woocommerce, and an open API, ShipperHQ brings a competitive advantage to businesses of all sizes.

Why we work with them: A great online customer experience and integrated applications can only take you so far — you need a great delivery experience, too. ShipperHQ hits all the marks with their platform, making shipping calculations a seamless experience at checkout. With the ability to cleanse addresses right at the moment of entry with address verification services built-in, we at VL love them for their robust API, and for the clean data that comes out of the application. VL and ShipperHQ tend to attract the same end users, and we’ve worked in parallel on a number of great projects.

Blue Link ERP VL OMNI Partner Banner

About Blue Link ERP: As Wholesale Distribution Accounting and Inventory ERP Software, Blue Link ERP provides integrated Accounting Software & Inventory Management Software to small and medium size businesses.

Why we work with them: A central point of data truth is critically important to growing omnichannel businesses. With multiplying sales channels, trading partners, and a growing stock of inventory, you need a home for all that data where you can be assured everything’s correct. VL loves to put ERPs at the centre of strategic data integration solutions because they house all the information (and then some, especially if you customize the application), and Blue Link ERP represents the best of the best in the ERP world. VL has been working closely with Blue Link ERP since 2010.

With these partners behind us, and our Library of Integration Connectors nearing 300 Connectors, it’s no wonder many consider VL and our VL OMNI Platform as best-of-breed.

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