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7 Data Integration Predictions for 2012



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Wow it has been a real ride this year! With the Greek and Italian debt crisis, to financial meltdown in Europe and increasing instability in the Middle East the world seems to be on a roller coaster ride these days.

The turmoil has definitely not been limited to the financial markets. We have seen the same realignment in the retail world and in the data integration world. The demise of Blockbuster, Best Buy being buffeted by web commerce woes certainly has made life interesting.

So here are a few predictions for the coming year.

  1. EDI VAN traffic will continue to decline as more and more companies adopt AS2. Taking dollars out of the supply chain only makes sense.
  2. North American retailers will increasingly be implementing web commerce programs. We have already seen some of the big retailers do this. These are far more complex implementations than the traditional EDI setups and take longer and require more flexible systems to complete.
  3. Single purpose EDI solutions will increasingly be replaced at their end of life cycle by middleware platforms that allow companies to handle more varied data types, in a more flexible manner.
  4. Companies will be required to provide and handle more and more complex data from a variety of disparate sources.  This by necessity will require companies to step back and create data integration strategies. This is a good thing as it’s the first step in eliminating data silos.
  5. Social media will increasingly become part of the operational landscape of many companies. As the desire for increased analytics around social media increases, data integration of social media data streams will become a critical must do.
  6. Collaborative platforms will increasingly become the norm in many companies. These, like social media data streams, will require companies to forge data integration strategies to link these platforms to internal systems.
  7. Finally, data will increasingly be viewed as a corporate asset. Few companies actually look at data as an asset but those who do will reap huge rewards in the coming years.

So from all of us at Virtual Logistics we wish you all the very best for the holiday season!

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