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2017 Roundup: Partners, Press, Growth, and More!



The end of the year is a perfect time to reflect on all the great things that have happened over the past 365 days. For VL, 2017 was a packed year! From new partners and exciting announcements, to continuing to grow as a company and brand, we look back on 2017 — and look towards all the excitement 2018 has in store!

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2017: Building Our Neighbourhood of Trusted Partners

While VL has always had great partners (like Blue Link ERP!), 2017 was very much the year of adding great new partners into our mix. With a constantly evolving technology ecosystem that serves the omnichannel and ecommerce industries, it’s very important to us to make sure we’re not only onboarding the best new connectors and applications, but that we’re also partnering with these companies to continue to drive the forefront for both of our customers. And — wow! — did we connect with some amazing companies!

From the Shopify Plus Partner Family, we’ve not only cemented our partnership with Shopify Plus themselves, but mined their partner directory to truly build out a neighbourhood of trusted Shopify Plus partners. From that family, we made our partnerships with Chief Digital Advisors and Statement official, with many more on the horizon for 2018.

Shopify VL OMNI integration, ecommerce platform integration, shopify plus automation, universal data linking, shopify plus

Shopify Plus

2017 was the year VL OMNI became an official Shopify Plus Technology Partner (view the official press release here). Not only did we become an official partner, but VL OMNI was in the first round of businesses to become official Shopify Plus partners! Since then, VL and Shopify Plus have become great partners, with our common customers seeing immense value in the skills and quality of work the two of us combined brings to the table (and especially surrounding ERP integration!).

And for 2018 for VL and Shopify Plus? All we can say is that we are very excited for what 2018 has in store!

Chief Digital Advisors Logo partnered with VL Virtual Logistics Inc VL OMNI business planning and data integration

Chief Digital Advisors

2017 has seen a ton happening between CDA and VL. A partnership that’s grown into a tightly-knit strategic relationship, VL and CDA have worked together on a number of customer projects with many more to come for 2018. VL trusts CDA to create great, targeted strategies for ecommerce and/or omnichannel businesses looking to reach new heights, and CDA trusts VL to create functional and agile integrations that work. It’s a match made in (technology) heaven!

If you’re not a subscriber of our social channels or our Newsletter, you may have missed the news: we’ve launched a Zippo Case Study with CDA, ShipperHQ, and Shopify Plus. Check it out here, and keep your eyes peeled from some extra special promotion and announcements around the case study — there’s lots more to come!


2017 saw the development of many other great partnerships, too! Here are some of the most notable announcements and developments:

Featured Partner Statement. Agency VL OMNI


A top-tier Shopify Agency Partner based in the United Kingdom, VL and Statement started to build out our partnership in early 2017. Moving into 2018, keep an eye out for some exciting announcements!

VL and Statement also got together to produce a great update to a popular infographic series – check out our The State of Ecommerce Infographic here. As everyone moves towards GDPR Compliance for May of 2018, subscribers of our blog and the OMNIlink Newsletter can expect co-authored articles on the subject. (Did you know that VL will be fully GDPR Compliant by early 2018?)

VL OMNI Featured Partner inRiver

inRiver PIM

One of our bigger partnership announcements from 2017our partnership with inRiver has already been put to work! Not only did both companies proudly announce the release of the inRiver-Shopify Plus Connector and inRiver-BigCommerce Connector, we’ve also released demo videos for both (see inRiver-Shopify here, and inRiver-BigCommerce here). For 2018, VL is looking forward to continuing to support inRiver and their customers through events, more Connectors, co-produced content, and much more!

Blue Link VL OMNI integration, ERP integration, ERP data automation and connectors, universal data linking

Blue Link ERP

One of our most treasured and long-lasting partnerships, VL and Blue Link ERP have been bringing fully agile and integrated ERP to the omnichannel world for quite a while now! And there’s no end in sight, either: VL announced earlier this year that we moved our Data Integration Connector for Blue Link ERP to our new cloud-hosted VL OMNI Dashboard. Keep an eye on VL and Blue Link ERP in 2018 for an upcoming joint case study — it’s going to be a good one!

ShipperHQ - Featured VL OMNI Partner


Starting our official partnership off with a press release, VL OMNI and ShipperHQ have gone on to co-produce (along with CDA and Shopify Plus) a deep and detailed case study on Zippo. There’s huge potential building behind this partnership for 2018!

Red Stag Fulfillment

VL is excited to see how our partnership with RSF develops in 2018! In 2017, RSF and VL OMNI saw a great overlap in our audience, and so started trading articles where we could. This is one to watch for 2018!


There were many, many other exciting developments from 2017! Other notable announcements included our developing relationship with TradeGecko, with whom we launched our TradeGecko-VEND Connector as well as a demo video of the connector in action.

There’s still lots that’s still under development for 2018, so you can stay tuned by subscribing to the OMNIlink Newsletter (featuring industry news and partner articles), or by following VL across our social media profiles.

SEE YOU IN 2018!

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