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10 Facts About Canadian Ecommerce 2015




I bet that if you could peer into your crystal ball and take a peek at the future of Canadian Ecommerce, you would do it in a heartbeat.

But looking into that crystal ball wouldn’t help the present issues you and your business are facing.

The fact of the matter is that Canadian ecommerce is falling further and further behind our fellow first world counterparts, and Canadian businesses are doing little to prevent Canada from sliding even further down the competitive scale. Some of these negatives can be spun into positives; for example, the fact that we are behind other, more competitive markets gives Canada a ‘lag time’ to fully understand and adopt omni-channel best practices. But some of the trends for 2015 are predicting a dismal future for Canadian ecommerce – unless we take note and start changing things now.

So we at VL have summarized 10 key statistics affecting ecommerce today and tomorrow with the hopes of better informing Canadian businesses today so that they can start implementing changes that will lead to a more prosperous tomorrow in a smart infographic. Take a look, take notes, and start strategizing for ecommerce success!

Scroll down for the full infographic!



Download the Infographic as a PDF

If you’re starting to plan for the future today, one key element is ensuring that your business’ infrastructure is sound and connected. As the digital economy continues to grow, automation will become the norm – and part of automation includes integrating all of your business’ data and applications in a way that can withstand the test of time.

To learn more about how to master ecommerce for your business for today and the future, check out our free on-demand webinar on the subject. And reach out to VL if you want to start laying that foundation today!


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