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I am:

✗ Juggling partner portals, spreadsheets, and partial application integrations
✗ Constantly overseeing processes, but have a lack of visibility
✗ Where the buck stops
✗ Seeing growth slow and problems arise with every business change or improvement




I am:

✗ Juggling multiple partner portals and spreadsheets
✗ Hiring more people to get jobs and processes done
✗ Seeing data errors as a result of manual data entry
✗ Having to pay chargebacks and compliance fees as a result of bad data
✗ Using more and more single-use partner portals to run the business
✗ Running flat out to keep up
✗ Worried about not being able to scale




I am:

✗ Juggling admin consoles and spreadsheets
✗ Hiring more people to get the job done
✗ Seeing data errors as a result of manual data entry

✗ Using more and more single-use partner portals to run the business
, and am a slave to the business’ platforms
Running flat out to keep up
✗ Worries about not being able to scale



  • “Every customer we’ve introduced to VL has thanked us”


    There are a couple of reasons why we are proud to work with VL as an integration partner, however, the number one reason we partner with them is because of their customer service. Every customer that we’ve introduced VL to has thanked us and been pleased with the quality of service, and that’s not been the case with other companies that compete with VL. In addition, integration with VL has been established for eCommerce integration, EDI management, 3PL integration and more, with a proven success rate.  The company is very flexible with the integration options they provide.

    --- Blue Link ERP, Partner of Virtual Logistics Inc.
  • “VL just makes us better”


    We have been working with VL for about 4+ years now. From day one, the attention to detail, professionalism, and knowledge by their team has been remarkable. If it wasn't for VL's know-how, I don't think we would be where we are today from an integration and customer service standpoint. We have used VL for everything from linking to our warehouses, to linking to Amazon (and other third-parties), to integrating with our homegrown ecommerce platform and on a larger scale, connecting to/from our ERP system. VL just makes us better.

    --- Tal Dehtiar Oliberté Limited
  • “Shopify integration: Fulfilling orders now takes 5-10 minutes”


    Working with Shopify and Blue Link ERP, VL stepped in as the integrator. Integration is a huge amount of work. It forces you to look at your business in a way that is very healthy – but integration is a huge amount of work. Blue Link ERP connected us with VL. They've been the most expensive option, but the solution is very well executed. Fulfilling orders used to consume 70-80% of our time; it now takes us 5-10 minutes in the morning -- and that’s including sending emails to customers.

    --- Peter Smith, Owner and Founder Daneson
  • “Enables us to keep driving forward”


    We were desperately searching for some way to automate getting data into our fulfillment house... when VL came along, I sensed that these guys knew what we were looking to do because they were progressive in what they were offering. This automatic data exchange between different systems and components is a must. I don't know what we would do without it; it enables us to keep driving forward. The VL team is absolutely wicked to work with.

    --- Ian Thompson Listen to Your Gut Inc.
  • “Seamless and timely”


    Many other EDI providers get you hooked by quoting a low initial price, and then hitting you with additional charges once you’re already dependent on them. VL was totally up front about costs. The integration between their solution and our Blue Link ERP system has been seamless, and timely.

    --- Pat Chown CEO of Foundation Distribution
  • “A part of our team”


    VL proved to be a true partner as we were encouraged to enlarge our understanding of the processes and the new system. It was not simply a case of system replacement and moving on. This for all of us was a great learning opportunity and we sincerely thank you and your team for being part of our team.

    --- Guy H. Blouin Sher-Wood Hockey Inc.
  • “From legacy processes to efficiency and visibility”


    VL's team of highly skilled subject matter experts greatly helped as we worked to re-engineer four years’ worth of legacy processes in the space of four months- an all-out effort that paid rewards in efficiency, ease of development, and visibility. We are now in a much better place, and heading to even better. They’ve been an invaluable font of knowledge and assistance when we have encountered the occasional complexity that arises from any migration of this magnitude, and have been a personal pleasure to work with.

    --- QuiBids




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